About Crimson Blood Clan

Established in 2006 on Steamwheedle Cartel, we are a progression raid guild that accepts all types of players.  We aim to be fun, friendly, helpful, encouraging and open minded to all individuals.  If you are not yet a member of CBC and are interested in joining, please fill out an application or contact a Blood Keeper.

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Blood Keepers (Officer Council, listed alphabetically)

  • Drisus - Guild Leader
  • Earthhoof - Head of Raids - Leader and Organizer of CBC Raids, Discord Owner & Moderator
  • Onyx - Website Owner and Head CBC Guild/Raid Recruitment
  • Rowzdower - Tank Commander, Raid Lead Assist, Website and Discord Assistance & Moderator
  • Sartheus - Raid Lead Assist and Heal Leader, Website Moderator
  • Yullina - Loot Master, Guild Treasurer, Raid Lead Assist, Website & Discord Moderator 

Crimson Guard (Officer Assistance)

Telan/Coldtoes (Raider Recruitment, Guild Invites)
Gazorpazorp/Ordont (Raid Assistance, Officer Assistance, Guild Invites)
Mimbletonia/Mimbles (Administrator, Guild Invites)

Other Officers (Currently Inactive/Retired):  Waqzig, Rosdale, Tibola and Ellder



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