Level 110
Level 10
Level 43 Restoration
Level 100 Restoration Balance
Level 100 Beast Mastery Marksmanship
Level 100
Level 1
Level 76
Level 100 Fire Arcane
Level 100 Arms Fury
Level 110 Beast Mastery Survival
Level 110
Level 100 Shadow Discipline
Level 100
Level 110 Fury Protection
Level 93
Level 74 Beast Mastery Marksmanship
Level 100 Windwalker
Level 90 Frost Blood
Level 100 Survival Beast Mastery
Level 110
Level 100 Retribution Protection
Level 100 Windwalker Mistweaver
Level 82
About Crimson Blood Clan

This website is no longer in use.  Please contact any officer in order to join discord.  
Officers to contact regarding discord:  Earthhoof, Yullina, Rowzdower
Other officers:  Sapphyre, Sartheus, Waqzig, Rosdale, Drisus (GM), Telan, Tibola, Ellder

If you cannot find anyone on their mains, please contact me @ Onyx#12514.


Who's Online
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em