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PostPosted: March 28, 2017 8:39 am    Post subject: Happy 7.2! (Link Share Drop)

Happy 7.2 Day!


Consider this post the (CBC) Discord Cliff's notes for the last week.

I've eliminated all the witty banter and leave only the structure of informational links that have been shared by our wonderful members. And, in some cases, former members.

I too will be watching each as I go through and embed so that I can maybe be slightly less clueless.   Each is only a few minutes long, (err, well, you can pick and choose depending on how much time you have) and is packed with massive amount of information.  So, let us begin.


1. The announcement!  The Tomb of Sargeras Trailer.  Get Excited because lo and behold it is finally here!  Thank you, Gaz.          

-Last Thursday at 3:16 PM


2.  And, from that I linked into the following (because youtube is good at clickbait and I'm a sucker): We have not one but two longass videos telling us what to do the day of launch.  You can feel free to zip through the pet battle information, or you know...listen to every word because that's super important to you.  Whatever your playstyle, there is some important information.  And, if nothing else, you'll get an idea of just wtf is happening on the day of launch and take a look at how it all works, at least visually.  




3.  Next up we have preparations and how to do that with a focus on making gold.   Thank you Yullina, your gobliness for this massive informational drop.   Note: I've watched this video and even if you're not one to play the auction house game, it's still valuable information.  You will learn about new currencies and vendors and how they can be used.  You will also learn about the island buffs (which is a totally new concept to which you will have to adapt), and new mount options among SO many other things.  All of it kind of reminds me of the isle of thunder, but way bigger and well, different.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions, though.  Watch and learn. Thanks, Yulli! 

Yullina-Last Saturday at 10:42 AM



4.  And then from these links, down the YouTube rabbit hole, I went.   Here I found a basic survival guide for 7.2.  It's super short and has a quick (tl,dr) version of everything that's happening today. If you're short on time, or just don't really care that much, but don't want to have to ask trade channel or general chat really stupid questions, this is the video for you.  It's the shorthand of the cliff's notes.  We won't judge you. Much.

6.  Next up we have something completely unrelated to 7.2, but still you might find value in it if you're on the less casual end of raiding.  It's a tutorial on SimulationCraft+Pawn.   If you watch it, that will all make sense.   Good luck and thank you Zuldin.

Zuldin-Yesterday at 4:46 AM



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